INNIKI joins Röda roboten animation!

We are happy to announce that Annika Bergström, known as INNIKI, joins Röda roboten animation!

Annika is an incredibly skilled animator who masters both classic craftsmanship and digital production. We have been working with her for 7 years in different projects, for example in our clay animated short films about the characters “Jack and Pedro” and the film version of the book “Boo and Baa Have Company”, and now she is also partner and co-owner of Röda roboten animation.

In her company INNIKI, Annika has designed, directed and animated a wide range of films for commercial purposes as well as her own creative ones. For example a big bunch of info spots for Försäkringskassans Föräldraguiden and a series of commercials for the home decoration store Granit.  We have put up a selection of her stuff here. Under “projects” you’ll find that our portfolio now consists of both INNIKI and Röda roboten productions. So Enjoy!

The team from the left: Annika Bergström, Anna Erlandsson,  Staffan Erlandsson

Posted on 13 January 2012

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