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  • 13 January 2012 -

    INNIKI joins Röda roboten animation!

    We are happy to announce that Annika Bergström, known as INNIKI, joins Röda roboten animation!

    Annika is an incredibly skilled animator who masters both classic craftsmanship and digital production. We have been working with her for 7 years in different projects, for example in our clay animated short films about the characters “Jack and Pedro” and the film version of the book “Boo and Baa Have Company”, and now she is also partner and co-owner of Röda roboten animation.

    In her company INNIKI, Annika has designed, directed and animated a wide range of films for commercial purposes as well as her own creative ones. For example a big bunch of info spots for Försäkringskassans Föräldraguiden and a series of commercials for the home decoration store Granit.  We have put up a selection of her stuff here. Under “projects” you’ll find that our portfolio now consists of both INNIKI and Röda roboten productions. So Enjoy!

    The team from the left: Annika Bergström, Anna Erlandsson,  Staffan Erlandsson

  • 11 July 2011 -

    Tyra och Tidsförrådet/Tyra and the Time Cupboard

    Tyra  is a helpful seven year old girl who has a time machine cupboard in her kitchen.
    With the help of this time cupboard she travels to different time periods and picks up people to solve the strange problems and mysteries that appear in her village.

    26 x 7 mins series.

    “The mysterious letter”


    “The Viking Woodcutter”

  • 18 February 2011 -

    Kom ketchup så går vi

    Available on DVD! Distributed by Folkets Bio. (No English subtitles on the DVD)

    Kom ketchup så går vi (Come on Ketchup, let’s Go!)  is our own stop motion clay animated TV-series, in co-production with SVT 2013. (13 x 1 min episodes). The series is based on interviews with children telling their favourite jokes, which we have turned into talking food products.

    Episode from season 1, 2011

    Production: Röda roboten
    Directed by: Staffan Erlandsson
    Animation: Staffan Erlandsson, Mikael Ohlson, Anna Erlandsson
    Co-producer: Sveriges Television AB

  • 12 October 2010 -

    Alla gillar Olle/Everyone likes Olle

    This animated documentary project is based on the life and personality of Olle, a pretty average guy with lots of thoughts and theories about both large and small.

  • 09 October 2010 -

    Six sides of monday

    In 2008 INNIKI alongside with two other artists got the mission to make an interpretation of ‘S Max Mara’s “the Cube” concept, a multi-transformable jacket that comes in a cube-shaped bag. The only condition was that the interpretation should show many different sides of something.

    2 min 13 sec commercial, 2008
    Client: ‘S Max Mara
    Agency: Giovanni Bianco Studio 65, New York
    Director: Annika Bergström, INNIKI


  • 08 May 2010 -


    It looks like the old lady living in the trailer is going for a morning swim.

    Direction, design, animation: Annika Bergström
    Music: Markus Jägerstedt

  • 01 January 2009 -

    Jacks ingentingdag

    Trailer for the 8 minute movie
    Produced by Röda Roboten Animation 2002
    Script by Anders Sparring and Jan Vierth
    Voices: Johar Bendjellouol and Frida Normark
    Animation by Anna and Staffan Erlandsson

  • 01 January 2009 -

    Jack & Pedro

    Jack the snake and Pedro the tortoise are neighbours and best friends. All four films about Jack and Pedro have been screened at cinemas by Folkets Bio and broadcasted by the Swedish Television SVT.

    Trailer for the 3 short films about Jack and Pedro, “Papa Pedro Papa Jack”, “Jack Behind Bars” and “Pedro’s Art Exhibition” produced in 2006, screened by Folkets Bio as ”New Adventures with Jack and Pedro”.

    Production: speedfilm AB / Sveriges Television AB / Röda roboten animation
    Idea, direction and animation: Röda roboten animation


    Papa Pedro, Papa Jack / Pappa Pedro, Pappa Jack

    8 min, 2006
    Jack and Pedro adopt a lost baby bird, but the rambunctious nestling soon puts their parenting skills to the test.

    Director: Anna and Staffan Erlandsson
    Script: Anders Sparring and Jan Vierth
    Producer: Francy Suntinger
    Voices: Frida Normark, Johar Bendjelloul, Jesper Taube and Susanne Végh
    Music: Andreas Hansson



    Jack Behind Bars / Jack bakom galler

    8 min, 2006
    Jack gets arrested and thrown in jail! Pedro thinks he is by part responsible for this and sees it as his responsibility to get Jack out of jail one way or another…

    Director: Anna and Staffan Erlandsson
    Script: Anders Sparring and Jan Vierth
    Producer: Francy Suntinger
    Voices: Frida Normark, Johar Bendjelloul and Victoria Dyring
    Music: Andreas Hansson


    Pedro’s Art Exhibition / Pedros konstutställning

    8 min, 2006
    Pedro is making paintings for an art exhibition he is going to organize in the back yard, but Jack makes every attempt to stop this since he finds painting horribly boring.

    Director: Anna and Staffan Erlandsson
    Script: Anders Sparring and Jan Vierth
    Producer: Francy Suntinger
    Voices: Frida Normark and Johar Bendjelloul
    Music: Andreas Hansson



    Jack’s Do-Nothing-Day / Jacks ingentingdag

    8.30 min, 2002
    Jack has decided that this day he will do nothing at all. Pedro, on the other hand, has his mind set on practicing playing his bass tuba, and this ruins Jack’s plan altogether.

    Director: Anna and Staffan Erlandsson
    Script: Anders Sparring and Jan Vierth
    Producer: Staffan Erlandsson
    Voices: Frida Normark and Johar Benjelloul
    Music: Andreas Hansson

  • 01 January 2009 -

    Bu och Bä får besök / Boo and Baa Have Company

    Short film based on a book and characters by Lena and Olof Landström.

    Produced by: speedfilm AB / Sveriges Television AB / Röda roboten animation HB 2008
    Directed by: Anna and Staffan Erlandsson
    Animation: Anna and Staffan Erlandsson, Annika Bergström
    Music: Markus Jägerstedt

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