Röda roboten animation is a film production company specializing in animation and special effects. We create animated intros and bumpers, set design, graphics, and credits. We also produce and direct our own animated films and TV series, mainly for children.

We can help you with:

  • Film photography and editing
  • Green screen filming and keying
  • Special effects like snow, smoke, invisibility
  • Animaition (2D, cut-out, stop motion)
  • Sets and miniature models
  • Illustrations and layout

Have a look at our projects and you will find we work in a wide range of different techniques and styles.

We have also developed a special timer for planning and timing out animation: The Motion Timer! You can buy it on App Store or Google Play!

Contact us for any inquiries!

Who are we?

Staffan Erlandsson founded Röda roboten in the year 2000. Before that he was working with children’s TV at the Swedish Television, SVT. He created the characters Jack and Pedro, who are the main characters of four clay animated Röda roboten films over the years.

Anna Erlandsson joined in as a partner in 2002. She had a background in set design and props making and was part of the creative team behind Roy Andersson in the making of his film Songs from the second floor, as well as being a set design assistant and props maker on the first season of the Allram Eest show on Swedish Television.

Among our clients you find the Swedish Television SVTUtbildningsradion UR och Svenska Barnprogram AB.

Today we have built a network of highly talented freelancers in the areas of animation, set design, model making, props and illustration who we work with regularly in our projects.